Saturday, June 16, 2007

School's out!

Okay, I think I speak for everyone when I say that

Exams = GG.

Math = doable. In a non-sexual way.
Chemistry = Paper 1, double kill. We got killed, that is.
Physics = Paper 1, doable; Paper 2, HOLYSHIT.
Further Math = complete and utter owning. I'm amazed we're still alive to tell the tale!

Yes? No? Concur? Or do you disagree with me? Whatever the case, that's what I think. =P

So, now that all that shit with our papers is over, what about the trip to Pangkor? Could someone post details and suchlike regarding the matter?

I mean, srsly. Jee Ian's leaving, so we should at least go on one big trip there where most of you can, er, harrass him one last time and such.

Just kidding. You can wipe that omgwtfNO expression off your face, now, Jee Ian. And stop looking so gleeful at the prospect of torturing the poor guy, some of you. LOL.

Details, details. And while we're at it, do check out the previous post. Are any of you game for an outing wherever? It'd be fun. And NO ONE is going to mention a thing about exams, okay? *rolls up sleeves*

:) On a random note, since Jee Ian is leaving... why don't we make it some sort of farewell outing? Hehe. Well, comment and/or post to let everyone know your opinion, alright?


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