Sunday, April 27, 2008

Best post of the blog (so far....)

The End Draws Near..

Well, it's the end of April now...

Next month will be A2, and before we know it...some will end up in Australia or England. =]
It's been a wonderful 16 months with you guys. We started of with 2 girls, ending with 1. For the guys, ....the ones that left..but remembered would be Jee Ian, Michael, Ben, John & Ki Loke.

Other than that, don't forget the wonderful teachers that teaches PE1 or once taught PE1...

Ms. Fiona [thinking skills] - To argue or not to argue, that's the question. =)
Ms. Ida [mathematics] - What else can I say? She likes Secret Recipe Cake!
Ms. Lilian Wee [F. math] - Projectile Motion? Hehe...
Mr. Peter [F. math] - white boards
Mr. Anathan [Physics] - Stanley's favorite teacher. *pokes E li*
Ms. Careen [Chem] - You guys better pay attention man!
Mr. Lim [Chem] - We got trashed!
Mr. Wong [F. math] - Ntg much. XD

Come on guys~! Where's the lurve? <3

Give them some love~!


Here's a quote

"True friends stab you in the front."
-Oscar Wilde-


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Looking back....

Well, everyone in PE1 knows this is a hard time for everyone.....

I threw a question to u guys on msn,
"Whos the most influential student in PE1?"

So far, no one gave me the 'actual' answer. (which I think is the correct answer)

Well, I wont tell u the answer 1st. I'll give u guys a review.
Afterall the videos, pictures, trip and outings we have all been thru... PE1 dont just exist because that's how Taylors name their classes, but PE1 lives up to it's name.....because of EVERYONE. Yes, I know I sounded emo.

*PE1 live up to its gayness, thanks to desmond, stanley and the lack of females in class...(luckily theres yao may & kimm....if not WE'RE ALL GAYS, literally.)
*PE1 live up to its lameness, thanks to wai lum~!
*PE1 live up to its counter-lameness, thanks john, stanley & ben.
*PE1 live up to its handphone gaming team, thanks markus, kwang, wai lum, ki loke, stanley,ken, jin and me. Not to mention Puzzle Bobbles, Tower Bloxx and Worms~!
*PE1 live up to its staircase scenery searching team, thanks to the horny 4. STANLEY, BEN, JOHN & KWANG~!
*PE1 live up to its ever-availability of porn, thanks to those-who-has-porn-in-their-bags.
*PE1 live up to its never ending 18SX chat topics, thanks to ki loke, stanley(most direct one), ken, jia ping and me.
*PE1 live up to its learning spirit(either way) thanks to bosco & dinesh for teaching some of us 'some' tamil. Other than that, 'jee ian', yao may, chuan yee, markus, chin seng & kwang.
*PE1 live up to its crazyness, thanks to stanley, desmond, ken, ki loke(camera man), ben, jee ian, jin, john and me~!
*PE1 live up to its outings, THANKS to those 'drivers' who 'volunteered' to fetch us around and to those who attend (mostly jin, michael, john, chuan yee, ken, ben, stan and me)
*PE1 live up to its ever helpful name, thanks to those mentors and those who supported anyone in need.
PE1 live up to it's NAME, thanks to ALL OF US! PE1 would never be PE1 without anyone of us.

This is my present to all of you whos leaving or left PE1.


Well, the answer for my question..... EVERYONE IS INFLUENTIAL~! U guys left ur footprints on PE1. =)

PE1, we've grown up. Wish u guys end this chapter : 'college life' with hopes, happiness and loads of sweet memories...

Good luck to all~!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ipoh~! Ipoh~! Ipoh~!

Anybody wants to visit me? Wee Wang Wang~!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

DotA Stuff.

Hey guys! Jee Ian asked me to post this for y'all to check out.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey all!

I just wanna say that you guys did a really fantastic job! =D Basketball Shoot-out Challenge 2007 for the win.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Attn: MS. ANG!

Yes, calling Miss Ang Deng Loy... lol.

Here's the flyer; click for a bigger and more legible version.

Free Image Hosting at

I'm going to print it out and hand it to Desmond later when I go back to college later, alright? :) See ya~