Sunday, April 27, 2008

The End Draws Near..

Well, it's the end of April now...

Next month will be A2, and before we know it...some will end up in Australia or England. =]
It's been a wonderful 16 months with you guys. We started of with 2 girls, ending with 1. For the guys, ....the ones that left..but remembered would be Jee Ian, Michael, Ben, John & Ki Loke.

Other than that, don't forget the wonderful teachers that teaches PE1 or once taught PE1...

Ms. Fiona [thinking skills] - To argue or not to argue, that's the question. =)
Ms. Ida [mathematics] - What else can I say? She likes Secret Recipe Cake!
Ms. Lilian Wee [F. math] - Projectile Motion? Hehe...
Mr. Peter [F. math] - white boards
Mr. Anathan [Physics] - Stanley's favorite teacher. *pokes E li*
Ms. Careen [Chem] - You guys better pay attention man!
Mr. Lim [Chem] - We got trashed!
Mr. Wong [F. math] - Ntg much. XD

Come on guys~! Where's the lurve? <3

Give them some love~!


Here's a quote

"True friends stab you in the front."
-Oscar Wilde-



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