Friday, May 11, 2007


Well, a fine day for a good dip in the water....b4 it started...STUPID LOCKER FOOLING AROUND!!!! ARGH!! MY GOD!! haihz...actually my fault lar....who ask me so RAJIN, bring books along to my bag was too bulky and actually jammed the locker door..haihz...It cost me RM 10 for the locker...DAMN EXPENSIVE lar...then...the notice on the locker saying : 'We will charge customers RM 20 who had their bags jamming the lockers doors.' HELL YEAH! I was not worried bout my BAG, I'm worried bout the RM 20 in my wallet! HAHA! But, luckily...the employee there was a gay....he kinda liked me, so he managed to get my bag out...without any extra fees, he say i'm cute! HAHA! jokin!

Well, after the LOCKER thingy, we main-main, off to the amusement park!

1st ride
Name : Pirate Ship
No. of plays : 1
Status of 7 lengchaiz : Warm-up!
Chicks on ride : None - Only a bunch or malays....(it's still early ok?)
Ride rating : 7.5 out of 10
Best Quote : Loy : Ei! I've dropped my 100 ringgit!
Best Screamer : Chin Seng - chili padi BOLEH!

2nd ride
Name : Hanging Bridge
No. of plays : 1 - Come on lar...1.5 km leh!
Chicks on bridge : None - nobody lar...
Ride rating : 3.5 out of 10
Best Quote : Loy : Jin, if u jump down, Sunway Lagoon no water adi! Subang flood!

3rd ride
Name : Gold Mine Train (i think is liddat, i'm not wearing my specs)
No. of plays : 2 wif clothes, 2 without clothes (dominating)
Status of 7 lengchaiz : Trying to act like Mr Bean on the roller coaster!
Chicks on ride : Got lar....ok ok lar
Ride rating : 5 out of 10
Best Snapshot : Markus & Loy - The one without clothes and point point wan!

4th ride
No. of plays : 1 ( i wanna ply!)
Status of 7 lengchaiz : 6 kan cheong, 1 sitting outside......HAHA
Chicks on ride : Gosh! We missed the one with alot of ang mos'
Ride rating : 7 out of 10
Best Expression : Jin - I dizzy adi......

Well....that the review for the amusement park! Now SPLASH SPLASH!

Name : The double-slide thing? HAHA
No. of plays : 1
Status of 7 lengchaiz : Harr...need pairs ar?!?!?!
Chicks on SPLASH : Bikini Time!
SPLASH rating : 8 out of 10

Name : 3 Rotating slides? HAHA....swt...
No. of plays : 3 (killing spree)
Status of 7 lengchaiz : Ah Loy GOT A PAIR!!! (bikini girl leh!)
Chicks on SPLASH : WOW! Bikini shop got sale ar?
SPLASH rating : Rotating slide 1 - 8 out of 10
Rotating slide 2 - 7 out of 10
Rotating slide 3 - 7.5 out of 10

Name : Slow-river ride? GOSH I NEED MY SPECS!
No. of plays : 1 and a 1/2
Status of 7 lengchaiz : HAHA! It'z raining bad! HALLELOOYAH! (strip dancing)
Chicks on SPLASH : Erm....b4 we leave....the two ang mos sitting on the side, CHUN WEI!
SPLASH rating : 5.5 out of 10

Name : Wave pool (stage)
No. of dips : 2
Status of 7 lengchaiz : Scouting for......HAHA
Chicks on SPLASH : Ok lar....SUNBATHING GOT!
SPLASH rating : 5 out of 10

Name : The Shower
No. of dips : 2
Status of 7 lengchaiz : You don't wanna noe....18 SX!
Chicks on SPLASH : None - Who dares come near when therez some crazy guyz in there...?
SPLASH rating : 8 out of 10
Top STRIPPER? : Ben, this is for u!

Name : P-K slides (those single slides)
No. of dips : 3 per person
Status of 7 lengchaiz : PK ROUND!
Chicks on SPLASH : MIA
SPLASH rating : 9 out of 10!
CHAMPIONS : light-featherweight - BEN
: mediumweight - JIA PING
: heavyweight - JIN (disqualified for exceeding weight..HAHA)

Name : Wave pool (VOLCANO)
No. of dips : 1
Status of lengchaiz : Stalking , erm...did i?
Chicks on SPLASH : Are we in Heaven?
SPLASH rating : Itz bout time, 10 out of 10!!!!
Best SCENE : Well....lets say....wad happens when u put a guy & a gurl in a pool when they think no one is looking?

Well, thatz for SUNWAY LAGOON!

But wait....WHEREZ THE MAN?
Now, the siao kia's review.

Siao kia 1
Name : Ben
Siao Kia Act : Well, neva bring him to the shower man! HOT BODY!

Siao kia 2
Name : Ken
Siao Kia Act : KING OF THE TOILET! Got a pic of him!

Siao kia 3
Name : Jia Ping
Siao Kia Act : Just can't get enuf from ang mos'

Siao Kia 4
Name : Chin Seng
Siao Kia Act : THIS CHILI PADI CAN REALLY SHOUT! Gotta check him out in genting!

Siao Kia 5
Name : Jin
Siao Kia Act : Come on lar JIN, take of ur shirt! And...fong shui lar..when u play the single slide!

Siao Kia 6 : Markus
Siao Kia Act : Yo! THE MAN! He can hold the longest breath! You go man!

Siao Kia 7 : Ah Loy
Siao Kia Act : Well...see for urself....

KING LOY-NIDAS vs Persian Soldier

This post is seriously a hard work!

Special thanks to Ken, Markus & Chin Seng for making this outing possible!
Not to forget Jin's DAD for fetching us!
Mr Anathan and Mr Lim's teaching for keeping us entertained during our rides!



Blogger Unknown said...

zzz...aloy..dat locker really hates u man...did u haf 2 pay ny additional fees 2 da guy 4 his service? like go on a date wif him, etc etc...lolz
eh...i thought it wuz iv i jump...tsunami will happen again?
should haf oso gotten a photo on da train leh...

i will definitely bring paper bag nex time in case if we sit tomahawk again...note da IF...

btw, i cant remember which 2 ang mo u were talkin about leh in da 3rd splash, but really chun r?

and wth u mean by exceeding weight limit? i won fair and square leh...i even let markcurse have a head start leh...fong shui liao but still cant lose...wat 2 do...

but 1 thing i noticed...we always miss out on all da hot chiquitas...etc: in da pool, there were sum hot chix goin there when we were leavin...T_T...cham

nyways...2day wuz really chun tet...we shud organize a trip 2 genting or pulau...soon

May 11, 2007 at 11:07 PM  
Blogger L0uSy_L0y said...

YALAR! TATz the chick i'm talking about lar...when we are leaving...the two minang salleh...sitting there...WOW! HOT!

I wanna bring them home! XD

Btw...u lucky stan din come..cuz stan will oso be in the HEAVY weight! Lucky for u this time!


May 11, 2007 at 11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice one loy.. our next trip will probably be genting.. ~mark~

May 12, 2007 at 12:04 AM  
Blogger K3n said...

haha,no la,b4 we went to genting, we shud go ipoh,XD...but seriously, may i know the photo in da toilet delete liao or stil in jia ping's phone ?XD...if stil in i wan c on monday ler :D

May 13, 2007 at 9:41 PM  

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