Saturday, March 31, 2007

5 gays outing at pyramid(31 march)

LOLz, it was a very farking rush plan from chia ping when he called me at 6 oclock.. 2 of us tried calling the person which stays near pyramid.. it ended up 5 person(stan,chi kuang, Jia ping, snorlax and Mok) able to go pyramid.. anywayz, the fun part hasn't reach yet.. i, the driver fetch chi kuang and chia ping to pyramid.. the movie started on 7.30(7.45 after advertisement) and we reach pyramid at 7.40.. the problem is i forget to turn in into the parking junction which ended up at the highway again, i quickly u turn and parked at the at bus stop which is below the overhead bridge.. oh my god, we were so afraid that the subang toll truck would come and toll my car. After watching movie, we have this so nice plan!! we went to ASIA CAFE AGAIN to play pool.. it was lucky that my car was fount under the bridge.. HAHA, here comes the stair stalker plan... althought we saw nothing.. but the night was quite happening. The whole day we only did 2 things which is movie , pool, makan and stalking HOT CHICKS!!


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